The Aftermath of Hurricane Ida: Tips for Property Owners

The recent hurricane, Hurricane Ida, which completely devastated the Northeast has left many residents with extensive damages to their homes and belongings. A category 4 storm, Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, November 3, with winds of 150 miles per hour. With hurricane-force winds traveling 400 miles to the north and east, Hurricane Ida impacted almost every state along the Gulf coast. The aftermath of Hurricane Ida has set many families back due to all of the loss and damage experienced.

By Monday morning, signs of death and destruction were all around Mississippi. Trees toppled over cars and homes and left residents without electricity for days.  The damage was just as severe in Alabama. When the storm finally passed, it had left more than $1 million dollars in damages to businesses and homes.

Hurricane Ida has caused one of the largest mass evacuations ever seen by Louisiana residents along with coastal areas. Ida was one of the most destructive storms while both entering and exiting the US. Sadly, the storm is responsible for taking dozens of lives. Due to all the losses and damages, insurance companies are experiencing high volumes of calls to begin the damage claim process for residents.

Filing Insurance Claim  

After noticing a large amount of damage, many insurance companies are also slowing down the process of claims. Whether you have recently experienced damages or not, there are ways that you can reclaim your losses.

When filing insurance claims, it can be very frustrating to have to wait for the company adjuster to arrive. Below are some of the steps you can take to best prepare when your claim begins processing.

  • Make a list of all home contents and their values
  • Take photos or videos of each room in the house
  • Review your homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage details
  • Keep a record of conversations with insurance, repair, government, and other professionals
  • If a home or flood insurance adjuster says damage isn’t covered, but you feel it should be, get an independent professional opinion from a public adjuster

More times than not, adjusters that work with the insurance company try and find loopholes in your coverage and the type of damage that is covered. For example, if you have water damage to your home and do not have flood insurance they find ways to prove it was because of floodwaters. Thus, not approving your claim.

File a Claim with a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is a professional that works independently and fights for you. Public adjusters represent homeowners in filing claims with insurance companies based upon their findings after inspecting homes for damage. Following a public adjuster accepting your claim, they go out and do their own inspection of the damages aside from the inspection done by your insurance company.

The public adjuster will find issues that you might have not asked about but are still covered in the policy. As public adjusters, we understand and can see if a homeowner’s claim is being processed correctly or unfairly. Public adjusters understand laws and coverage details concerning homeowners insurance. This enables our team to help people through the claims process and prevent their claims from being denied later on down the road.

Are You Looking for a Trusted Public Adjuster?

If you are looking for a trusted public adjuster in South Florida or the Woodland, Texas area contact Exodus Public Adjuster. We will fight for you and your assets during the claims process. We get you the best possible settlement to mitigate your losses and damages. Don’t fight for your losses alone, make sure you have the right support in your corner.

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