Fire Damage: Fire Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

Fires are unfortunately very present in everyone’s mind. Your first step is to always be prepared for any disasters or emergencies that can affect your home and that first step is insurance. You need to be aware of what homeowner’s insurance covers and whether or not you need to consider purchasing different types of protection. With homeowners insurance, most policies are all inclusive, with the exception of flood coverage. With that being said, homeowners insurance companies consider fire to be one of the most common claims and there are policies that include fire coverage. As long as the policy clearly states that it reimburses you for property damage and your personal belongings, most fire damages can be fully covered.  

Fire is often referred to as a part of hazard insurance and is usually included in a homeowners policy. The specific amount of coverage should be made clear, however. Fires can cause a complete loss. A limited homeowners policy may not cover damage to this extent. This is when fire insurance vs homeowners insurance may need to be taken into consideration. Always prepare for the worst, if you do not have the proper coverage prior to the damage, your claim could be denied. Homeowners should consider a separate fire policy just to make sure the extent of the damage is included.

A separate fire policy extends your coverage and there in extends your protection. It is important to evaluate your home and your belongings to get an idea of what a total fire loss could cost you. Always ask about the coverage limits on the homeowner’s policies you are considering. A small fire that does not get out of hand may not result in extensive damage to your property. But if the destruction leads to the total loss of your home, it may leave you with very little to replace your valuable possessions. A fire policy can help give you the security of a full reimbursement for everything that was lost and for what is needed to begin rebuilding.

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