Insurance Claim Denied? Learn How a Florida Public Adjuster Can Help With a Free Claim Review

Was your home, business, or complicated insurance claim denied? Did you realize that some claims are unfairly refused simply because the loss was recorded incorrectly? Allow a Florida public adjuster like the specialists at Exodus Public Adjusters to examine your rejected claim to see if it is genuine.

Why Was Your Claim Denied? 


The first thing you should do following an insurance claim denial is to evaluate your house insurance policy. The homeowner is not necessarily to blame for the loss of an insurance claim.

In actuality, there are several legalities inside the conventional home insurance policy that many novice homeowners are unaware of before signing. Damages you thought were covered in your insurance are actually not.

Even if the terminology is difficult to understand, the coverages specified in your insurance will always be detailed in writing. Following a claim denial, you should go back and look over your insurance policy, preferably with the assistance of a public adjuster who can translate it if required.

Took Too Long To File a Claim 

You waited far too long to file your claim. When it comes to filing a claim, time is not on your side. Your claim may be refused if you waited too long to report the damage. Natural catastrophes, on the other hand, might cause delays or limit your opportunity to file a claim on time. 

If your claim has been denied because you missed a deadline, contact a Florida public adjuster, like Exodus Public Adjusters. We help you appeal your denied claim if you missed the deadline due to circumstances beyond your control. 

There is typically no clear prejudice to the insurance provider, and considerable compliance may be sufficient even if you surpass the period specified under the policy.

In General, insurance disputes are contract issues with a five-year statute of limitations from the date of loss to initiate a case. There may be a need to report hurricane claims within two years of the incident. 

In certain cases, you may have damage but had no cause to find it until long later, which does not always indicate it is not covered.

Didn’t Notify Your Provider on Life Changes 

You did not notify the insurance company of any life transitions. Did you relocate to a new apartment or buy a new house? Did you buy costly new things but forgot to include a rider to secure them? 

If your situations change, your insurance provider may be allowed to reject your coverage. You did not offer adequate details on the damages. Insurance adjusters will require as much information as possible in order to pay your claim. 

The insurance company may send an adjuster to inspect the damage, but it may be your obligation to supply your insurance company with reasonable products they want. If you do not supply the necessary information, your claim may be refused.

Missed a Payment

You failed to make a payment on your insurance coverage. If you owe money or are late on premium payment, your coverage may lapse. If this occurs and your house is subsequently destroyed, your insurance provider may be entitled to refuse your claim. 

Yet, corporations may not have adequately posted a payment or someone’s record may be incorrect. Other times, you have a certain amount of time to make up for the missing payment.

Failed to Mitigate Additional Damage 

You did not take any steps to avoid further damage. Is there a crack in your roof? Broken glass? While you wait for professionals to fix the damage, it is your job to keep your house safe from any harm. 

If you subsequently try to file a claim for water damage as a result of leaving the roof without a tarp for two weeks, your insurance carrier may refuse your claim. 

Always take precautions to limit the extent of any harm. This may mean replacing a window before your insurance money arrives, or it could mean putting a tarp over your roof while you wait for professionals to come and repair the damage. 

Act responsibly and do all possible to keep your house safe from additional harm. If you have a water loss, you should get it professionally dried up as soon as possible to avoid much worse issues and spreading mold.

How We Help You: 

A rejected insurance claim can be appealed to by any property owner. Having a trained public adjuster on your side might make the process go more smoothly. No stone will be left unturned by our team of seasoned expert adjusters. 

Insurance companies confuse the claims process for a purpose, and navigating all of the needed stages, evidence, and bargaining may be challenging. We will take the stressful insurance claim process off your hands. 

Why You Should Choose Us: 

We have the skills and experience to handle practically any type of insurance claim. The majority of the adjusters that work with Exodus Public Adjusters were previously employed by insurance companies. As a result, our public adjusters understand how the insurance adjuster may interpret each claim. 

Additionally, because we adjust on both sides of the business, our public adjusters usually know the insurance adjuster appointed to your claim, which can make negotiations simpler. Our adjusters are well-versed in all sorts of Florida insurance policies, as well as the Florida Statutes that may trump many insurance policies.

Our understanding of plans, legislation, and coverage enables us to arrange the greatest possible compensation for your loss. We’ll even seek hidden damages that might enhance the amount of your compensation.

It’s critical to understand that insurance firms are legitimate businesses with actual revenues and losses. While the insurance company may feel they are justified in refusing your claim, it is in your best interests to have your own adjuster investigate the rejection. Allow Florida Loss Public Adjusters to go over your refused claim. What have you got to lose?

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  1. Are there Public Adjusters in all states? My family is all in Florida but I live in Texas. Thankfully we haven’t had an issue with anything, but it’s good to know this is an option.

  2. I’m sure it’s so disconcerting to get an insurance claim denied. It’s good to know what you can do if that does happen.

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