Hire a Public Adjuster or Attorney For An Insurance Claim?

Dealing with insurance claims is a huge headache. If an insurance company denies a claim, or will only pay for a portion of the damages, oftentimes policyholders will seek help. There can be confusion on whether to hire a public adjuster or attorney. 

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is an autonomous insurance specialist that a policyholder can hire to help negotiate an insurance claim on their behalf. Public adjusters help policyholders navigate the claims process, while helping them receive the compensation they deserve.

What is an Attorney?

An attorney or lawyer, is a legal professional that advises and represents their clients for their legal rights in criminal or civil court cases. Some attorneys are Claims Attorneys that specialize in insurance claims. Not only can they help with the settlement and negotiation process, but represent their client in court if needed. 

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster, or claims adjuster, works for the insurance company. The insurance company sends the adjuster out to assess the damages of the policyholders claim, and report all findings back to the company. Furthermore, they conclude how much payment under the terms of their specific insurance policy. 

It’s important to keep in mind, they are working for the insurance company. Therefore may have a bias or incentive to save the insurance company money. 

Why Hire a Public Adjuster for an Insurance Claim?

A public adjuster is a licensed professional that policyholders may hire to represent their interests in a property insurance claim. Public adjusters were a solution developed by the states to help create a state of equality between the insurance company, as well as the homeowner or policyholder. 

Public adjusters are the expert advocate for policyholders. Thus, making the insurance policy more comprehensive for policyholders. This makes them an easy target for insurance companies to take advantage of. 

Public adjusters handle the insurance claim completely. Their goal is to help policyholders recoup the funds needed to correct the damages. However, all policies are different, and the amounts that policyholders are eligible for are different. 

Public adjusters fight for your best interest, and work for you. Many policyholders find this service helpful in receiving the financial compensation they deserve. Additionally, this can help avoid the additional headache of litigation and hiring a lawyer. 

Time To Hire a Public Adjuster

It’s never too early to get professionals involved. Public adjusters are educated, experienced, and prepared to understand property insurance policies. Once a policyholder has the proper representation, additional coverage may become available. 

Just like any service, there is a cost or fee. Some policyholders will decide to handle the claim on their own despite the benefits of hiring a public adjuster. Some of these policyholders are successful, but too often they don’t get the full amount of coverage. Due to being overwhelmed with the tricky language and processes. 

Always be vigilant when working on an insurance claim, and don’t sign anything right away. If the insurance company presents a policyholder with paperwork, be sure that you understand and are comfortable before signing. 

Consider working with a public adjuster to help with your claim if you experience any of the following:

Little to No spare time to handle the processes and demands 

Many policyholders have jobs, families, school, or other obligations and commitments that make it extremely difficult. Long phone calls, being placed on hold, or understanding long wordy emails and paperwork are a hassle. It’s critical to read the fine print in these situations in order to get a claim processed and paid to the fullest.

Difficulty understanding the policy or claim

These insurance contracts and documents can be confusing, leaving policyholders uncertain of their coverage. Filing the claim itself can be intimidating if a policyholder is unsure if they’re doing it correctly. Some mistakes can affect the settlement. 

Major damages

Extensive or severe property damage creates situations ripe for complicated claims or issues. Hidden damages, loss of possessions or other valuables can be hard to identify, as well as greatly impact the claim value. 

Suspicious behavior from the insurance company 

If the insurance company is attempting to push a quick payoff there may be a more sinister reason for the rush. On the contrary, you may experience long delays with your claim process. If a catastrophe, like a hurricane in Florida or Texas, affects your area, there may be a hold with the filing process. Thus, creating situations ripe for being overlooked and underpaid. 

Furthermore, if the settlement seems to be far too low, or they attempt to discourage you from hiring a public adjuster, this is a red flag as well. 

Final Thoughts on Hiring Public Adjusters

Policyholders may be uncertain if they should hire a public adjuster or attorney to manage a claim. Our advice is to hire a licensed and reliable public adjuster first and foremost. If you continue to face problems or legal issues, only then would it be worth it to incur the additional cost of an attorney.  

Exodus Public Adjusters can support you through the entire process. Exodus is reputable and licensed with locations in both Florida and Texas. Contact us if you need help with an insurance claim in Florida or Texas.

3 thoughts on “Hire a Public Adjuster or Attorney For An Insurance Claim?”

  1. Thank you for this article explaining the benefits of hiring a public adjuster. It is good to know that public adjusters are expert policyholder advocates. I think it would be crucial to choose a public claim adjuster that has a good track record.

  2. It sure was nice when you said that a public adjuster fights for the best interest of policyholders and ensures that they would receive the final compensation that they deserve. This is something that I will share with my parents so they can hire one within the week. Their house was damaged due to a fire incident three nights ago, and they want to easily file a claim for its restoration.

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