How Can a Public Adjuster Help with Your Denied Hail Damage?

Anyone who has ever faced problems related to insurance claims, knows about the importance of public adjusters. Public adjusters are priceless when it comes to solving the problems related to insurance claims. Oftentimes, people are worried about the authenticity of the public adjusters. As well as if they are fighting with your best interest in mind. 

It’s always important to check references and qualifications when choosing a public adjuster. Confirm the public adjuster is licensed in the appropriate state. Also, checking with the Better Business Bureau or insurance department to be sure they are up to date with the appropriate qualifications. Recommendations from friends and family or reading reviews can also be a great way to choose a credible public adjuster. 

The main role of the public adjuster is to provide their services to the customers who have experienced damages and losses and have filed an insurance claim. After filing a claim, the public adjuster fights for approval and the right amount of compensation for your claim.

In today’s article, we will primarily focus on the role of a public adjuster in solving the problems related to a denied hail damage insurance claim. This simply means that a property owner filed an insurance claim regarding the damage from hail. The insurance company then decides to approved or deny your claim and give you an estimate for compensation of your losses. At this stage, the public adjuster can help the policyholder with this matter. 

What the Hail?

Just in the last year, hail and high-speed winds led to $15 billion in damage in the United States. These damages accounted for 40% of insurance claims. Hail damage has the potential to cause extensive damage in a short period of time and with no warning or time to prepare. 

Hail can damage roofs, windows, and vehicles. Even small hail, less than 1” in diameter can cause damage. 

The Struggles of Homeowners

At Exodus, we are knowledgeable about the problems that homeowners face due to hail damage. Hail storms cause a lot of destruction every year in Florida alone. In a report from the National Weather Service, it was discovered that in Palm Beach, Glades, and Miami-Dad, May and June are the months with the most hail storms. 

When a property owner experiences hail damage, it’s important to file a claim as soon as possible. Most insurance policies will have a timeframe in which claims must be filed after the damage transpired. Even though a property owner pays their insurance and reports the damage at an appropriate time, sometimes the insurance company will deny the claim, offer low settlements, or delay them. 

It is never in the financial interest for the Insurance company to pay out claims. Therefore, insurance adjusters are experienced in finding reasons to deny hail damage claims. The inspectors who are responsible for assessing damages, often only find cosmetic damages instead of looking deeper at expensive structural damage. This can cause the insurance company to deny you based on the damages not meeting the policy deductible. 

How Can Public Adjusters Help?

After dealing with hail damage, it can be disheartening to get the news of a denied insurance claim. The appeals processes can be complicated and difficult to navigate, leaving policy holders in the dark. Policyholders are at the mercy of the insurance companies. Not knowing what they can do next in order to get what they deserve.

Certified public adjusters have the experience and knowledge that can help create a solution. This solution is impartial and fair for everyone so policyholders can receive the maximum settlement.

Looking to Hire Public Adjusters for Your Denied Hail Claim?

At Exodus, you can meet with the public adjusters who will represent you. They will assess your claim, damages and see to it that you get your compensations. The Exodus Public Adjuster represents YOU and works on the solution of problems on your behalf, ensuring that your claim is fully investigated and paid fairly. 

Remember that preparing and presenting a successful claim is a science. An adjuster is a person who will do everything from handling the meetings to responding to emails, phone calls, and completing the paperwork. They are always there to help you no matter how big or small the claim is.

7 thoughts on “How Can a Public Adjuster Help with Your Denied Hail Damage?”

  1. Wow I never realized hail could cause so much damage to your property. We don’t have issues with hail where I live in Canada. This is great content for those with this problem!

  2. This information is good to know. I haven’t had problems with insurance yet but it’s good to know that a public adjuster can help me with it just in case I encounter problems.

  3. Great article! It helps people understand that there is still someone who can help you when it comes to your denied insurance claim, and that is the Exodus services.

  4. Next time we have an insurance claim, we will definitely find a public adjuster. The insurance company always denies our claims. Fortunately, we haven’t had a hail claim yet — all related to rain/hurricanes

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