How Drones Help in the Public Adjuster Process

What is a Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters are independent insurance professionals that help homeowners or any policyholder settle insurance claims. When unexpected losses or damages occur to your business or home the first step is to file an insurance claim. After you file your claim, the insurance company sends out experts to evaluate the loss and damages. 

They take photos and document all of the losses and bring it back to the insurance company for them to come up with compensation. This is only if they approve your claim. Unfortunately, this process takes a long time and when it is finally coming to a close, the insurance company tries to settle with the least amount of compensation possible. The “experts,” or insurance adjusters sent out work on the insurance companies behalf, and have their best interest in mind.

When this happens, it is time to bring someone that speaks their language and is fighting for you. A Public Adjuster also comes out and does their own assessment of the damages and claims. They gather all of the necessary information and fight on your behalf to get the maximum amount of money from your insurance claim. It is a long and difficult process, but the Public Adjusters are there to help every step of the way.    

Insurance companies and Public Adjusters are coming up with more efficient, and safer ways to assess damages and document losses. Drones are one way that has started changing the game for these companies. Continue reading how and why this technology is helping in this field. 

How Can Drones Help?

When evaluating and documenting loss and damages for an insurance claim, it can be difficult to assess every little damage, and can be extremely dangerous. Drones have been used in many different ways, including filming, delivering goods and surveillance. Public Adjusters are beginning to utilize more technology, like drones, to aid in the process of assessing damages.   

Drones allow the adjusters to record video and take photos of properties in a safer way. There are more opportunities to get different angles and to get into small and potentially dangerous areas that a physical person could not. They also make the claim process more efficient and affordable. 

Drones are Safer for Public Adjusters

More times than not, when homeowners are putting in an insurance claim it is because a devastating event has occurred. This can include fires, floods, tornadoes, and all other natural disasters. When extreme damages from these events happen to your home or business, it can be dangerous for anyone, including yourself to try and document the damages. Floors and walls can be unsafe to walk on or near, and roofs can collapse with just a brush of a shoulder.

When floods occur, there is always the danger of loose wires and foreign objects that could injure or be fatal to any person trying to maneuver around this location. Instead of using ladders and cameras and hoping the structure can hold your weight, a drone can easily take video and high resolution photos without the potential dangers. These drones are controlled by the adjusters who know where to look and what to capture. They are also able to fly into small unattainable areas, or reach extremely high points that may not be easily accessible to the adjusters and their ladders.     

Easier and More Time Efficient 

Due to the fact that the drones will be taking the photos, going to hard to reach areas, as well as dangerous parts of the property, the Public Adjusters will have to bring a smaller load to each job. Drones will replace the latters, measuring tapes, cameras, and other tools needed for recording damages and rummaging through debris. 

Drones make the process more time efficient as well. The drones can record and cover much more ground in a shorter amount of time. Allows for your claim to be pushed along in a more time effective manner.    

More Affordable 

Alongside drones being a more time efficient approach, they can save a Public Adjuster money in the long run. Many have the misconception that drones can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but there are more affordable alternatives that produce high quality photography and videography. They can save money on having to repurchase other tools and equipment that the drone has now replaced. 

Another upside for adjusters is that these drones can be written off when only used for business purposes. 

Will Drones Replace Adjusters?

With technology constantly growing and advancing, oftentimes it has replaced physical workers. This began in factories that needed a more fast pace and efficient way to run an assembly line. Machines and AI’s have been taking more  jobs from actual people because it is cost efficient when having to pump out products quicker. These companies are avoiding paying employees and only have to pay for repairs on the machines.

The question is, will these drones take the jobs from the Public Adjusters? Although drones do make the adjuster’s job a bit easier and more safe, they will not be able to completely replace the work an adjust does. Drones or AI’s don’t have the programming or drive the adjusters do to fight for your claim on your behalf.

Are You in Need of a Public Adjuster?

Whether a natural disaster, termites, or other natural causes have damaged your business or home, there is always a way to get you the compensation you deserve. Even though the first step is putting in a claim with your insurance company, it is not the final answer. Many times your insurance company will deny your claim or try to off the lowest amount possible. 
When hiring a Public Adjuster, like Exodus Public Adjuster, they work for the people with their best interest in mind. They are the middle man so you don’t have to go through the back and forth with your insurance claim. They are experts who are in your corner fighting to win you the compensation you deserve. If you are in the South Florida or Woodlands, Texas area and need someone on your side, contact Exodus Public Adjusters.

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