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Most Common Property Damage Claims In Florida

Florida being surrounded by the ocean is incredibly vulnerable to property damage and faces many unique natural threats. With that being said there are important policies of your insurance you want to ensure are included to cover potential property damage claims.

Below we list off some of the most common claims we see and how you can best protect yourself, your family and your property.

Water and Flood Property Damage

As expected, water damage in Florida is common and caused by many things. Then to follow the mismanagement of cleanup can produce rot, mildew and mold.

  • Leftover rainwater
  • Storm damage
  • Plumbing malfunctions and pipe bursts
  • Faulty appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators)

Theft and Vandalism Damage

Burglary and vandalism are very common in most parts of Florida. (We see the bulk of it in the tri-county area: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach) If your home or belongings were stolen or criminally damaged, you should document the damage and contact your insurance company right away. Make sure you keep an inventory of what was taken.

Exterior Wind Property Damage

Again, storm damage can commonly lead to exterior damage most commonly from heavy winds, falling trees, or other debris.

Damage claims can become complicated very quickly, and insurance companies look for reasons to deny your claim:

  • Your roof is old
  • You did not mitigate damage outcomes
  • You only need a partial repair and not a full replacement

Hire a Public Adjuster in Florida

If your property has suffered damage please contact our team for a consultation on how we can help you get what you deserve with minimal displacement.

13 thoughts on “Most Common Property Damage Claims In Florida”

  1. Florida is a beautiful place to live but it comes with it’s disadvantages for property damage for sure.

  2. I never know that burglary and vandalism are very common in Florida. I thought US is safe country for living for every state. Your post is really great information. Everything need to be insurance.

  3. Here on the Texas coast, our most common claim is for flooding. We are flat, just like Florida, and the water recedes slowly. Floods are the greatest risk we face.

  4. Natalie Mederos

    As a fellow Florida home owner this is great knowledge. I will absolutely keep Exodus Public Adjusters in mind if I ever need a public adjuster.

  5. Oh yeah…I recall reading about the seriousness of water and flood property damage in Florida and other cities like Texas. This is great info to keep in mind! Thank you.

  6. I surely understand the water and flood damage – we lived in Florida for years, and flood insurance is a must. Not as windy though as it is here, in Las Vegas – where it can get pretty intense, so that surprised me a little bit. Great info

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