11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Public Adjuster in South Florida

What is a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is a person who assists the policyholder with their insurance claim. Moreover, the public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who represents the interests of the policyholder. They are not employed by an insurance company but are instead independent professionals that specialize in handling property damage claims for clients.

Public adjusters are also sometimes called “claims representatives”, “claims examiners”, or “property damage appraisers”. The main responsibility of a public adjuster is to help people understand their coverage and what they should do if they have been injured or suffered property damage.

When living in South Florida your home always has the potential threat of damage from the hurricanes that have completely devastated the state in the past. When trying to find someone to trust with your insurance claim, it can be difficult. However, below are 11 questions to ask before hiring a public adjuster in South Florida. 

1. How Long Have They Been in Business?

There’s nothing wrong with being a rookie in the industry. Even the largest and most respected organizations began as a single adjuster with a tiny business. However, if someone is just starting out in business, you’d expect them to have worked for another company before. If they haven’t already, stay away and find someone with a little more experience under their belt.

2. Are They Part of a Team?

A single public adjuster, no matter how well-qualified, can only have so much knowledge. A group of adjusters can pool their resources and assist one another, resulting in better results for their clients.

3. Are They Licensed in Florida?

If you live in another state, this also applies to you. By practicing without a license, an unlicensed public adjuster is not only breaking the law. When hiring an unlicensed public adjuster they are potentially jeopardizing your claim because of the lack of skill and knowledge.

4. Do They Have Experience in Claims like Yours?

South Florida public adjusters are familiar with dealing with hurricane damage claims. However, if you’re dealing with an odd claim – such as a car that raced off the road and into your living room – you’ll want to be sure that your public adjuster is competent to handle the more unusual aspects of your claim.

5. How Do They Get Paid?

A public insurance adjuster collects a percentage of your earnings as payment once your claim is over and you have received compensation. Do not do business with an adjuster that demands payment in advance. It’s unethical.

6. Do They Have Experience Dealing with Mortgage Lenders? 

You may still owe money to a mortgage lender, and they won’t be patient with you while the insurance company handles your claim, depending on your situation. A skilled public adjuster can frequently act as a mediator to help you deal with the expectations of your mortgage lender.

7. Who will Prepare My Claim?

Working with a large corporation that farms out its work to third-party contractors is the polar opposite of working with a small team. As a result, you could be paying for a respected name while receiving freelance work.

8. Can I Stay Involved in My Claim?

Some public adjusters prefer that their clients avoid contacting the insurance company directly. Others are content to delegate these tasks to their customers. This question has no right or wrong answer, but it’s critical that you and your adjuster be on the same page.

9. Can They Provide Local References?

The average person may never require the services of a public adjuster or may only need them once or twice. They’ll remember their adjuster if he or she has done an excellent job. Request references from your potential public adjuster. If they refuse to provide any, cross them off your list.

10. How Many Claims are They Handling? 

Public adjusters may become overburdened with claims from a large number of people in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In this instance, a skilled and professional adjuster may just be too preoccupied with other claims to give yours the attention it deserves.

11. What are Their Errors and Omissions Policy?

The insurance industry’s version of malpractice insurance is Errors and Omissions. For example, this is a guarantee that if your public adjuster makes an error that costs you money, you will be compensated. A policy should be carried out by every professional public adjuster. Tell them to take a hike if they refuse to share this information with you.

How to Find a Public Adjuster in South Florida

Consider Exodus Public Adjusting when you are thinking about hiring a public adjuster in South Florida. We don’t hire out our services to independent contractors since our skilled adjusters are knowledgeable in Florida home and business claims. We are ready to fight for you and get you back the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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