When to Hire a Public Adjuster and Why

When there is unexpected property damage or loss, your insurance company already has experts acting on their behalf. A public adjuster works for you to maximize the amount of money you will receive on an insurance claim. Natural disasters happen without notice and can cause stress, aggravation, and out-of-pocket expenses. Having an adjuster will make the process go more smoothly.

Four Signs You Need to Hire an Adjuster

1. You’re not sure how to document, file, and prove a claim.

Many people can learn how to file a claim just by asking their insurance company. However, the insurance company will not always provide you with the professional knowledge you need. Your insurance company has a strong professional team behind them that understand the trade’s ins and outs, so why not have an adjuster on your side to help you with the proper procedure of filing a claim.

2. You don’t understand the policy language.

If you don’t understand the insurance policy language or your coverage in-depth, you could receive less money for your claim. Many insurance policies are drawn up with various complex provisions, processes, clauses, and legal terms that the average person may not understand. However, an adjuster is a professional that specializes in the insurance policy’s language.

3. When your schedule is already stretched, you don’t have time to deal with it yourself.

It is stressful to lose a business or home. As a business owner, you will still have to run your business the best way you can around the disaster, limiting the amount of time you can spend on the claim process. As a homeowner, you could be forced to relocate until your home is safe to return, causing emotional loss of personal possessions and memories. Having a professional help you with the insurance details will allow you to focus on other important matters.

4. The insurance company is stalling, or you feel they are not effectively appraising your claim.

Insurance claims may become a lengthy process. However, if you feel you’re getting the run around from your insurance company, it’s time to get your own adjuster to help with your claim.

Why do You Need a Public Adjuster?

It stands to reason that you, as a business or homeowner, would benefit by having your own personal adjuster to act on your behalf. They can protect your rights as a policyholder and negotiate with the insurance company. With a public adjuster to state your claim on your behalf, it indicates to your insurance company that they can’t infringe upon your rights and damage loss claim.

Hiring an adjuster doesn’t mean more money out-of-pocket because most work on a contingency basis, and with them, you could gain a larger settlement for your damages. Dealing with disaster recovery is no easy task, so call Exodus Public Adjusters today to help you with your claim.

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  1. I like that you said that a public adjuster could help you with the proper procedure of filing a claim, and they could help prove a claim. This reminded me of businesses that could have suffered from financial losses due to business interruptions caused by various reasons. I could imagine the need for them to hire an business interruption in order to justify their claim and ensure their compensation.

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